Monday, August 27, 2007

Goin' back to Cali*

We're going to Chaser's new town for Christmas! (ooh- potential blogger meet-up?) We're going to see my grandma and get out of the winter weather of Small College Town. We've always just stuck around here over winter break, but this year decided to give it a try. I bought the tickets this morning, so we're going! Yay! I see Disneyland in my future! This trip is also to help ease the sting of the failed job search- I keep thinking that I could be living there right now if I hadn't turned down the one job offer I did get. I hope the weather cooperates at this end (no blizzards!)

In other news, D starts school tomorrow. The open house to meet her new teacher is tonight. It will feel more like my semester is really in swing, when she is headed off on the school bus every morning again. Inspired by Mommy/Prof's recent post, I am going to start having her help me make her lunches. I don't know why it hadn't even occurred to me before- except that I often make them really early in the a.m. before anyone else is up. I'll just switch to doing it after dinner. She's almost 8, so she can certainly be involved in packing her own lunch!

Classes are going OK. I am not changing much from last time, so my teaching prep is pretty mininal. Unfortunately, that hasn't translated to lots of research productivity yet. I need to get back to that paper soon. I have other research things going on, too, but not so much that I should be slacking on that paper.

I've got to finish up something (research-related) for a meeting tomorrow, so I better get to it!

*I know I used that title before, but it's so fitting!


JustMe said...

ooh, chaser *and* disneyland?! that sounds so nice!

Chaser said...

Yay!!! Do let me know!! I am lschwei at mac dot com!