Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here's a Music Meme...

…since I have NOT been productive today, D is watching Lazy Town, and Dancing with the Stars isn’t on until 9:00.

As seen at Dr. Crazy's...

1. What's your earliest music memory?
My mom playing piano. My brother and I used to dance and spin around the room when she played. I loved the ragtime pieces (Swipesy Cake Walk by Scott Joplin comes to mind)

2. What's the first pop song you remember hearing?
Wow- that’s hard to say… it could have been Bread (If) or some other 70s music

3. What's the first rock song you remember hearing?
Again- tough one- maybe something from ELO

4. What's the first classical music piece you remember hearing?
Something my mom played on the piano- I’m not sure which piece or composer- probably Beethoven.

5. What's the first piece/song you remember that doesn't fit into those genres?
I loved disco (Saturday Night Fever) in the late 70s. Junior high was a Duran Duran extravaganza. In the 80s I got into “alternative” (U2 and Simple Minds were favorites- I saw them both in concert).

6. What's the first album/cd* you bought for yourself/you asked your parents to buy for you?
Grease Soundtrack or Shaun Cassidy (I saw him in concert when I was 6!). I remember being mad at my mom once because she wouldn’t buy me Diana Ross “Upside Down” (All vinyl, baby)

7. What's a favorite song from grade school?
Too many to choose! J. Giels Band "Centerfold", Olivia Newton-John (Xanadu was my favorite when I was 10!), Grease Soundtrack, etc.

8. A song that reminds you of school dances?
Foreigner “I Want to Know What Love Is” (slow dance) or B52s “Rock Lobster” (this was the 80s!)

9. Which genre do you listen to most now? ("Most" can mean you have one more song in that genre than in any of the others)
Mostly indie or alternative. I don’t listen to the radio much (my car stereo has miserable reception), so my new music exposures are pretty limited these days. I LOVE The Shins & Coldplay at the moment. Cocteau Twins are always a good choice, too.

10. Which favorite song/album/piece from your musical history are your readers least likely to know?
Anything from Meat Beat Manifesto. I loved them in college. (& still have all of their CDs!) This meme hasn’t really covered all of my musical tastes over time, so I’ll add a #11!

11. Anything else to add?
I love music and different songs take me back to specific places and times in my life. After my high school alternative days, I got into classic rock in college (I had a boyfriend who was into it) and loved Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, etc. Later on, I added some reggae (Bob Marley, of course), then got into industrial and techno in the early 90s. Since H is from Distant Country, I have also been introduced to music that he grew up with (sorry- no specifics on the blog!)

*I didn't buy a CD until college!!

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Seeking Solace said...

ELO and Bread...hee..I remember them!!!

We have some of the same memories! Especially the Grease, Saturday Night Fever and of course Duran Duran!!!!

My husband was the one who gave me the appreciation for classic rock. I am a huge fan of the Who, Zep, Pink Floyd and Clapton!