Monday, February 19, 2007

Random Bullets of WTF?

  • I took D shopping today (she's out-growing her all of her long pants and we have months of cold weather left to go). Our first stop was J.C. Penney- a store I hadn't visited in quite a while, but figured they may have a better selection of kids' clothes than Target. They had racks of jeans (difficult to fit for D with the way she is built), so we checked out a shelf of sweat-type pants (stretchy knits are usually a better bet). We took a couple into the dressing room to try on and I discovered they have words written across the butt! Yes- just like the sorority letters that your students love to flaunt. Is it really necessary/appropriate/tasteful for people to be reading my 7-year-old daughter's ass? Even better (worse), the pants we brought in said "cheerleader" and "angel" across the butt. Good lord- this was Penney's! I angrily left the store with D & we headed to Target, where we got a few pair of normal pants- although is it also really necessary for 7-year-old girls to wear low-rise pants? When she sits down, her underwear (or butt crack!) shows in some of these. I can't imagine what clothing designers are thinking- can't children just wear cute clothes that cover their cute little butts??
  • Someone from Interview #1 was looking at my work website today(!) I had been told that they might be meeting today to discuss the candidates, so I can't help but wonder who it was and what they wanted to see(?) I was almost sick to my stomach when I saw that!
  • Since it seems silly to have just TWO bullets, here's another WTF for you- why do people in high-clearance vehicles slow down to drive over RR tracks? And these are specific places where I don't need to slow down (in my 4-door sedan). Do they not realize that they are driving SUVs? You aren't going to bottom out in that Ford F-250 pickup, either!
  • I need to finish getting ready for class tomorrow- we do a Monday schedule tomorrow in the time-honored weird tradition of my U. And then I get to teach AGAIN on Wednesday- lovely!
Hope you all had a lovely long weekend (if it was a long one for you). I'll try to post a trailer tomorrow for Trailer Tuesday (I've missed TWO now!)

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