Monday, January 22, 2007

My state gets a big F

Apparently it's Blog for Choice Day, so this is my contribution. (read Bardiac's post, too)

Bardiac has a link to NARAL's abortion access report cards for the states. According to that source, 91% of counties in my state have no access to abortion (Dr. Brazen Hussy will be happy to know that her state is even worse!). It knew it was bad, but not that bad. Wow.

One other comment I'll make is that I think men have no right to argue about stopping abortion. When they get a uterus, I'd be happy to hear their opinion. It also drives me CRAZY how militant pro-lifers are ALSO opposed to birth control. You can't have it both ways! Birth control PREVENTS abortion. Duh.

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007


Seeking Solace said...

My state gets an A-. I am not surprised. Right now, an abortion assassin is on trial in Federal Court for assassinating a doctor in his own home. He was already convicted in State court for murder. The asshole claims that he was only trying to injure him, not kill him. Right...I would use an AK-47 just to injure someone too!

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Yep, my state is pretty scary. But at least it doesn't pretend to be a swing state, like yours does! :)

Reproductive rights are all about controlling women. Anti-choice men don't give a crap about babies, they just want to keep women barefoot and pregnant. That's why they're opposed to birth control. They make me so mad.

Addy N. said...

I'm with ya' sistahs!!