Monday, January 22, 2007

*Live* blogging from campus!

Yes- I'm blogging from campus! Isn't it exciting? I just met with my first lab for my 100-level course (my TA is down there, still). I think it's going OK. I will be checking in on the other labs later this afternoon. My TA is holding up OK- this is her/his first time as a TA, so s/he's struggling to explain some class concepts to the students. Send your good vibes his/her way! While the labs are going on, I will be doing some other exciting things here in my office. What's on the agenda? Reviewing applications for a search we're doing! Preparing for the rest of this week's classes! Drinking decaf coffee (it really doesn't keep you awake, you know?) It's more excitement than I can handle... But- this is live blogging from campus!

f---ing Bush- I just heard a sound byte about his crusade against stem cell research- he was speaking by phone to an anti-abortion rally saying something about 'not taking innocent life for medical research'. It's a bunch of cells! The cells are not even differentiated! The unused (for IV fertilization) frozen embryos are destroyed anyway! There are WAY worse things going in the world! This digression brought to you by live blogging from campus.

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JustMe said...

It's a bunch of cells!
There are WAY worse things going in the world!