Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Bird Blogging

In honor of a new visitor we had this morning! He was a bit more shy than his friends who have already visited us on many occasions. I never got them all in one photo, but we had four peafowl visiting this morning- the usual blue peacock and two peahens, plus their pale friend. We'd seen him over on the farm from a long distance (with his tail open, too!), but he had never paid us a visit before.

According to wikipedia, they are not albino...

He reminds me a lot of a BIG chicken.



Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Wow, that's so cool! I never knew they came in white too.

Addy N. said...

Well, BH: Given who you are, I bet you could find out more about them for us than I could (on Wikipedia)! That is with your bird resources!

Anonymous said...

Addy - I'm sure I should know this, reading your blog and all, but why do you have peafowl arriving on your porch again?

Addy N. said...

Hi skookumchick! I know it seems odd that in addition to the cardinals, chickadees, juncos, nuthatches, and doves that visit our bird feeder, we ALSO have tropical birds! I live in a small town in the Midwest and there is farm just behind us (you can see the pasture in some of the pictures). The farmer keeps peafowl and they like to roam out of the farm quite frequently to look for interesting forage! They can actually fly- I saw the blue one fly to the 2nd story roof of my neighbor's house when a fox started chasing after him! They are easily able to scale the fence and make themselves at home, wandering my neighborhood. Since we put out birdseed for the 'wild' birds, they find our deck especially appealing. Despite their generous pooping, we find them very entertaining!