Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday's To-Do List

OK- I promise not to do too many more of these thrilling posts, but it's helping me stay organized better than writing my list on a post-it! My last exam is on Wednesday, so soon it will be all grading all the time! Today I need to:
  1. walk on the treadmill I watched an episode of the X-files while I walked!
  2. attend MA defense The student did a good job. S/he is not from my own department and has been out of residence, so it was nice to see him/her again. We will be meeting later this week or next to help him/her finish up.
  3. finish reviewing post-doc proposals for federal granting agency
  4. finalize Wednesday's exam
  5. give a final exam
  6. grade more 100-level term papers I did work on this during #5- only 45 papers left
  7. start grading final term papers for upper-level course (20 left)
  8. finish laundry from yesterday I'm going to fold, watch Conan on DVR, then SLEEP
OK- I'm off to do #1, since #2 is at 9:00 and I still have to get D ready for school and myself ready to go, too.

eta (7:30pm): I bolded the ones that have to be finished tonight (well, not really, but I should finish them tonight!)

10:30pm WOW- I did not plan to stay up this late (since I am back to my pre-5am schedule). I'll try to do a more exciting post tomorrow- no more lists (at least not on the blog!)

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Anonymous said...

congrats on doing something yesterday for today! these lists help me too, so i think i will do one again too.