Friday, December 29, 2006

Another NON-work day updated

It's the last Friday of 2006. How am I spending it? So far today, I:
  • slept in
  • read blogs
  • ate breakfast
  • watched BBC News
  • read blogs & email
  • walked on the treadmill (while watching The X-Files)
  • took a shower
  • ate lunch
  • read blogs
  • thought about those paper revisions
  • watched this webcam (I'm still waiting to see an animal!)
  • wrote this post twice (I accidentally pasted my Technorati tags over most of it)

The rest of today, I will:
  • watch D in her first piano recital She made a few mistakes, but nothing too big- she was nervous!
  • maybe have dinner out We drove down to Major City after the recital for an early dinner and few errands
  • watch TV/DVDs H and I watched Back to the Future in HD!
  • read more blogs We got home a while ago and I need to get downstairs before D goes to bed!
  • write more posts See above!
  • maybe work on the paper revisions probably won't happen tonight!
Is anyone being productive this week? Are you at home? Visiting family? At MLA? When do classes start for you (if you are teaching)? Help me procrastinate some more!

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