Friday, August 18, 2006

Mother-daughter shopping trip

Well, that was the most fun I've had shopping in a LONG time. We left about 9:00 this morning and headed out of town, avoiding the campus chaos. First, we stopped for me to renew my driver's license, then went to Kohl's. I really like that store- I almost always manage to find something I can wear there. We bought D a few outfits, some shoes, and I even found three skirts, a pair of pants, and two tops (here is one of the skirts). D is old enough now that she can help me pick out clothes and be patient enough to wait for me to try things on, so it was really nice. We also had lunch at IHOP, replaced my shrunken sunglasses, and walked around the mall. I'm really glad we had that little break today, even though I have so much work to do. Once classes start, it will be just insane!

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