Monday, August 14, 2006


OK- more fun time-wasters from Google! I added a link to my new Blog BuddyMap in the sidebar. Please add your location so that it looks like I have friends in the blogosphere.

Hey Jogger- you could add one of these to map your progress across the country even! I know lots of you are in super-secret locations, but you can use a cryptic name? Or maybe a slightly misleading location? Or where you'd rather be? Try it out!


Addy N. said...

Thanks to everyone who added themselves to my BuddyMap! Hopefully, more people will continue to add- it's pretty easy to stay anonymous, I think!

USJogger said...

Cool. As of right now (Tuesday afternoon) your buddies (at least on the main U.S. map) are in a nice arc from central NY to central MN. A feller could run that, if he had a mind to.