Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things to come...

Ah, yes- it's back to reality. The family vacation is over and I have to get REALLY busy now. I start teaching summer session on Monday, so I should have lots of fun student anecdotes and observations, which have been so far missing from this blog (since I started blogging at the end of last Fall and didn't teach last semester). I also need to revise and resubmit a paper, finish that paper I keep talking about, and just be an all-around productive person.

In the mean time, here are some photos from our last days of the trip. We started in Seattle and ended up in San Diego- we logged over 2100 miles in the rental car (about 200 less than last summer's trip.) The car got decent mileage (about 25 mpg), but we spent time searching for gas bargains- man, is gas expensive out west! It was pretty cool to see the way the landscape changed as we lost latitude... I loved it up north in the cool weather and conifers. I will definitely have to go back someday- despite my allergic reaction to Oregon!

Entrance to the Santa Monica Pier-
I think this is where Route 66 used to end...

View from the Pacific Wheel

Sunset Cliffs (Ocean Beach, San Diego)