Friday, May 26, 2006

August weather in May

This weather should be illegal (to steal a quote from my friend S in Tucson). I know it's almost June, but it feels like August. It was in the mid-80s yesterday and HUMID. Today is supposed to be a little cooler, but it is still humid. I think I will stay inside with the air conditioning and get some work done. I have scheduled out my day to do specific tasks, so I will try to stick to it! I'll take a break at lunch to listen to Al Franken- I can't wait to hear what he says about the Bush/Blair press conference. I didn't see it, so I want to hear the good tidbits. OK- enough procrastination. I'll check in later and let you know if I accomplished much.


Jennifer said...

I read the Reassigned Time blog and I was reading through the comments and saw your change of address post with the picture next to it. My first thought was, "That looks just like Miami." So I became curious and went to your blog and sure enough. I did my BA and MA there but decided to do a Ph.D. somewhere else, much to my present day dismay. I had had my fill of Oxford by the time I was done but actually miss it now. Hope you are enjoying it.

Addy N. said...

Hi Jennifer:
Thanks for stopping by! Even though you miss Oxford, it's probably good that you are getting your PhD elsewhere. I think it's usually good to not earn ALL your degrees from the same place- it gives you a chance to try new places, see how things are run differently, etc. How far into your PhD are you?

Yes, Oxford is pretty nice! We've been here for four years now.

Take care- do you have a blog?

Jennifer said...

Hi Addy,

I received my Ph.D. last year. I learned a lot more during my MA at Miami than I did during my Ph.D--horrible program. But no way to have known that beforehand so oh well.

I lived off of Campus Avenue on Plum Street, the little street just west of the entrance to that fabulous gym. Best shape of my life when I lived there as I had a hard time not going to work out when I lived directly across the street from the gym.

I read through the rest of your blog. The entry about the college town without the college students made me laugh as that was when I loved Oxford best--when all the undergrads were gone.

Enjoy the peace of Oxford in the summer! I'll check back for my entries. Oh, I took a job in Baltimore for this coming school year; that was a great picture that you took when you were there for a conference. Where exactly did you take that?

Addy N. said...

I'm glad you survived your PhD, even if it wasn't the greatest experience! I will enjoy the peace of Oxford in summer, except that this weather is truly awful- it's SOOO humid outside right now. That Baltimore photo was taken from the Marriot Waterfront Hotel (28th floor- through a window!) I wasn't staying there, but my friend was.