Monday, April 10, 2006

Plan for Monday (four work days left this week) UPDATE

(Updated at 8:15PM)
My new tactic is to give myself more specific goals each day, so here is today's plan:
  1. write the Methods section of the paper- I already have a flow chart of what I did, so I just need to put it into words in an organized way -- wrote 3.5 pages today! It's not done, but at least I am back in swing of writing something!
  2. exercise- it's another nice spring day, so I better take advantage and go for a walk later this morning -- walked 3.35 miles in just under 1 hour
  3. do laundry- I didn't do it over the weekend (except for dish towels) so I need to wash clothes today -- last load is in the washer as I type
OK- short list, but if I do everything (including finishing the Methods) that would be excellent and I will feel much better about making some progress. Updates later...

Not a bad start to the week. We'll see if I can follow it up with another productive day tomorrow!


Seeking Solace said...

You go girl!!!

Why is laundry such a perpetual thing???

Seeking Solace said...


Addy N. said...

ss: I thought your day yesterday looked pretty darn impressive! I still have a lot to do on that paper and could have used my time better today, but at least I accomplished something! This nice Spring weather just is NOT conducive to work! Are you having good weather in "Lake Effect Snow Central"?