Sunday, February 26, 2006

Proposals finished & submitted

Proposals have officially taken over my life this semester, so far. Thankfully, they are now finished and submitted for review. It's a relief to have those done, but now I have to catch up on research. I have two conferences in March and need to get presentations ready for those (including doing additional analysis first!) It looks like I won't have much time to finish those papers until April when the conferences are over. That will leave me two months until public schools are out. It should be fine unless I am completely burned out by then. Even if I am, I still have to get at least two more papers submitted for review this semester.

So this non-teaching semester has not been as relaxing as I had hoped! Not that I was going to slack off or anything, but I hadn't expected to be so busy writing proposals, either. I sure hope at least one of them gets funded. Keep your fingers crossed!

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