Thursday, December 15, 2005

Grading is not fun...

Well, this is the time of the semester when I start wishing I hadn't given so may assignments! Not really, but this is when I have to catch up on grading everything for good. I taught three classes this semester, so I have a variety of things to grade: in-class exams, take-home exams, independent study papers, lab assignments that never got graded... At least I have a teaching assistant for the 83-student class. It's just finishing up grading for the other two now.

We had quite a bit of snow today and the local schools were closed (so my daughter stayed home). I also couldn't get to the office to pick up some papers I left, since the roads were looking pretty bad this morning. I'll have to finish it a
ll up tomorrow. Grades have to be submitted by Monday at 12:00 noon. If I finish grading tomorrow, then I can enjoy the weekend, right? Well, except for the research paper(s) I need to finish up and send in for review...

Tonight is a wash, because I woke up at 5AM today (after not sleeping very early), so I am already sleepy (and it's only 8PM!) I think I'll watch Seinfeld or something and just sleep.

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