Sunday, December 18, 2005

Grades are IN!

Hooray! I am finished grading and have submitted my course grades for the semester! This is especially exciting, since I am not teaching next semester. At Miami, they give us a one-semester break from teaching before going up for tenure, so that we can get some research done. This is extremely challenging to do during the semester- especially if you are teaching three classes! I am feeling good about the break, but really need to make some progress early on. I have several things going on next summer that will make it harder to be productive (as far as submitting papers for publication), but some of these activities should lead to papers later on, anyway. I am also teaching a class next summer (against the wishes of my chair, but I need the money!) I need to be done with the intensive research stuff before summer anyway, because then my daughter will be out of school for the summer. OK- I think I deserve a break today, then I can get busy on research stuff tomorrow. Maybe I will actually manage to send Christmas cards this year!

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