Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday evening RBOC

Yay! Random bullets!!
  • I really need to write this abstract (due tomorrow!) for a regional conference that will be just-up-the-road in late April, but I can't seem to get my act together. I was at work all day (7:15-5:00) and just toasted some pecans for cookies I'm going to make (instead of writing the abstract). H was lovely enough to cook dinner tonight (and wash dishes), so I actually have the energy to make cookies.
  • The last few weeks, I've made cookies on the weekend which lasted most of the week, but the brownies I made on Friday(?) are already gone. We've been eating at home and homemade a lot more recently. It's good because it's healthier, saves us money, and makes it easier for me as I get serious about eating vegan. That was my resolution this year- 20 years ago it was to be vegetarian, and I've finally decided to take the next step. I've wanted to do it for years and ate mostly vegan when D couldn't eat dairy (she was lactose intolerant or we thought she was for a few years), but when she started eating it again last year- I did too. And I gained about 10 pounds. I need to lose some weight and want to make a permanent change to my eating habits- because if it's temporary it won't last. For me, removing eggs and dairy eliminates a lot of temptations and foods I should avoid anyway. 3 weeks and counting and I don't miss a thing!
  • Teaching two classes is better than teaching three- even when one is at 8am!
  • I stayed away from FB today- not for any particular reason- just that I often feel like I waste hours over there (because I do)- just compulsively loading the page for no reason. And nobody has noticed! I've gotten no notifications since I didn't comment or post- it feels so freeing...
Okay, off to make the cookies before I get too tired! I promise I have some ideas for substantive posts in the near future...

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Seeking Solace said...

Husband and I have been eating more at home too. Much better for you and saves $$$$

I've been feeling the same way about FB. Sometimes I post just for the sake of posting.