Monday, January 04, 2010

T-minus one week

It's Monday and D went back to school today. H and I had originally planned to go see a movie this afternoon (before D gets home), but decided against it. I have been finalizing syllabi and making granola (hopefully) bars. I am even thinking of going and taking ornaments off the tree. The next teaching prep I need to do is start looking over lectures and planning some in-class activities and discussions. That seems harder than just updating calendars and syllabi, so I am procrastinating right now. I just go over the syllabus on the first day, but do have intro things I'd like to do in both classes, so I do need to do some more prep.

I was watching a show about hoarders last night before I went to bed and I started thinking that I have some hoarding tendencies- in real life and in digital form. We have a LOT of things we could get rid of, but they continue to sit in the basement. We also have piles of papers that need to be shredded. We have a good shredder, but I don't see when we're ever going to get through all of it. Our house isn't scary messy, but we do have some clutter issues. The problem is always taking the time to sort everything- what should be kept? what can be pitched? I have the exact same problem with digital files. My hard drives fill up, but I am afraid to delete things- I might need that! Even my email is cluttered, too. A friend commented about her inbox on FB and I checked to see how many messages were in mine: over 13,000. This usually doesn't bother me, because I use labels (Gmail) and can usually find things- I just don't archive everything (clearly). I sometimes worry what will happen when I reach my quota, but then I'll probably just go purge a bunch of emails then. In real life, I think that H contributes to our clutter- since he grew up in a developing country, I think it makes him reluctant to get rid of anything. We have all kinds of outdated electronics and computer equipment, but he doesn't seem to want to get rid of it. I'm not blaming him- I came into our marriage with WAY more material crap than he had, but I think he has some issues with that, too.

So, I'm superficially organized for the semester, but still have plenty to do. I don't teach any labs the first week and the second week is short, so I'll get to ease into the semester a bit, anyway. Maybe organizing is something I should consider doing, too!


Seeking Solace said...

I thought that Husband and I were really good about clutter, until we moved. We had so much stuff! Every closet is filled and we have a storage unit. I have a feeling we will get rid of more stuff when we move into a house.

What help us was tackling one room at a time.

Anonymous said...

Same here, home and computers. Problem is that everytime I get rid of something, not a year later I find a need for it and wish I had it back.

Super Babe said...

Moving so many times was good for us in that sense, though there are some things that we keep. That said, we moved to our new house in July and there's still a whole room filled with boxes that we clearly don't use their contents... but still "have to go through them"...

At least your H has the developing country excuse. My H grew up in this land of the free and home of the brave and still manages to keep every single cable, hardware and computer related stuff you can think of!!!