Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RBOC: What I did today edition

  • Met with the architect. Found out there won't be enough room for separate shower & tub in new bathroom, but still hoping to have an awesome tub in there (even if I also have to shower in it).
  • Went on a fun lunch, shopping trip with Awesome Female Colleague, H, & D this afternoon.
  • Baked a chocolate pumpkin pie (have already eaten two pieces- Mmmm...)
  • Have been relaxing and watching TV this evening and trying to stay to warm:

I love those socks (Xmas gift from sister-in-law a few years ago) & still love this robe (have had it at least six years).


Super Babe said...

Oh yes... that does look warm indeed :) Can I have some pie please?

Seeking Solace said...

You must share that recipe!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Addy N. said...

SS: There is a link there- were you reading in a feed reader?