Friday, November 28, 2008

Nice day with the family

We went to see an IMAX movie at Major City Museum Center this afternoon, then had Thai food on the way home. I watched one of the Xmas DVDs with D, then watched Rendition with H after D went to bed. I thought Rendition was pretty good- I had been afraid to watch it because I knew there would be torture. It was kept to a minimum and wasn't as bad as a LOT of movies (e.g., Syriana, Marathon Man, etc.), so I could handle it. Of course, it's one of those movies makes you really mad and ashamed to think what the U.S. government actually does. 

I'm debating whether to watch something else before sleeping... The weekend should be nice, but I have work to catch up on. 


Super Babe said...

We thought Rendition was pretty interesting too... and definitely upsetting to think about it actually going on... and some people not being as lucky :(

Glad you had a nice Friday!

Addy N. said...

Thanks for that link, Super Babe!