Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a quickie

It's almost time for HBO Sunday night shows, but I wanted to check in to keep my daily blogging going. Today was pretty busy with D' s swimming lesson, laundry, and getting ready for tomorrow's classes. I'm feeling MUCH better, but the restrictions on my back movements are making my back muscles ACHE from moving in ways they are not accustomed to. I'm not in pain and I'll live, but it's just quite annoying at this point. I've been making H drive me everywhere, (which is totally out of the ordinary)  because it's difficult drive comfortably and I'm starting to enjoy it. Maybe I'll have him drive me to work tomorrow! 

It's gotten cold enough to really feel like a new season and so I switched us all to flannel sheets- let's hope it doesn't warm up again and I have to switch back! 

I didn't do any research work today, but did get some teaching prep done- sadly the grading is still piling up untouched. sigh. 

That's all I've got- unless I am inspired to blog after True Blood and Entourage...

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