Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging my day (with updates!)

Today is a work-at-home day and it's not starting out to be very productive. Here's what I've done so far:

6:43 Wake up sneezing and decide it's no use trying to sleep for 15 more minutes
6:47 Read email/facebook/etc.
7:08 Wake up D
7:09 Come back downstairs to make coffee and D's lunch 
7:30 Eat breakfast with D (note: it is STILL dark outside at this time)
7:45 Go back to facebook/email procrastination while D finishes getting ready for school
8:20 Go to the bus stop with D
8:25 Walk back to the house talking with neighbors about how we are all socialists (according to the Republican party)
8:30 Unload the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen, etc.
9:00 Start making to-do list and sorting through forgotten grading in my backpack
9:35 Furnace guy shows up to do maintenance on our furnace
9:45 Continue thinking about work I need to do and making lists
10:10 Furnace guy leaves & I call back friend from work
10:28 I start this blog post

So, I've been up for almost three hours and the only thing I have to show for it is D's lunch, a pot of coffee, and a clean kitchen. What I need to do today is a whole bunch of grading, some work for a collaborative paper, class planning, figure out what my RA can do since s/he seems pretty much inept at the type of work I really need him/her to do, preview a class video, work on a paper review that was due last Saturday, etc. I think I'll tackle one grading task first. I'll check back in with updates...

10:35 Start grading!!
11:05 Finished first grading task and entered grades
11:10 On to the next set of papers...
11:42 Last set done!
11:43 Deciding whether it's time for lunch break or press on with last set for this class...
12:04 Grading done for that class. Time for a lunch break...

1:23 Holy crap! How did it get so late?? I think have fallen into a time warp, because I have no clue how that much time when by. I showered, ate lunch, cleaned up and just sat down to check email... I guess I better get back to work!

3:15 I finished another item on my to-do list and am now going to preview a video before D gets home.


JustMe said...

ok, me too! i have accomplished small things, like yelling at my sister to do things, and that is about it...

Super Babe said...

I'm jealous of all these accomplishments! I basically took ILs to the airport, waited there in anxiety because their flight was delayed (and we're still not sure if they made their connection), came back home, ate, existed, changed into my running clothes only to decide to skip my run, changed back into my pjs, changed into regular clothes to go take pictures, went outside and it was raining so came back in and changed back to pjs... oh yes, and the never-ending Facebook ;) Wow. I'm tired just looking at my lazy day!