Friday, June 06, 2008


Wow- it's my 500th post! And I have nothing interesting to say. I am killing time at Chicago Midway waiting for our flight to Desert City. We have about two hours here waiting for our next flight, so I thought it was TOTALLY worth paying the $6.95 for wireless access. We were in this exact airport on this exact day two years ago.

Look how D has changed (these will likely expire later):

*poof* I'll put them on Facebook!

That time we were on a trip to Seattle (we drove all the way to San Diego over two weeks). This time, we are headed to Alma Mater City, which is also D's birth city. This is just a quick trip, since H is teaching summer session.

If you know me on Facebook, you know that we've had some wicked storms over the last few days at home and we lost electricity two nights ago. It was out for 13 hours, then when it came back yesterday, it wasn't quite full strength. That meant that the microwave wouldn't really work (after 2.5 minutes my Smart Dogs were still cool!), the A/C worked some early on, but quit later. Before leaving the house yesterday, the power was surging on and off every five minutes. It was annoying and the house was HOT because it was 90 and HUMID outside. We have a neighbor who is house-sitting, so she is going to check on things, but I hated to leave the house in that condition. What a pain. 

Anyway- I just wanted to check in and say hooray! 500 posts!


Arbitrista said...

That's a lot of posts! Congrats!

Seeking Solace said...

Cheers, that is awsome.

D looks so cute with Jake and Elwood. (One of my favorite movies, BTW!) She is so adorable...kind looks like me when I was her age!

Super Babe said...

She's a lot taller! Have a nice weekend!

Will & Kate said...

She's so much bigger! You'll have to make this a tradition... where are you going to go on June 6, 2010?? (with a few hours to kill at Midway, of course!)


Amelie said...

congrats on the 500!
D has grown a lot in those 2 years, wow!

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats on 500! sorry i missed the pics though!