Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday check-in (maybe these should be bullets?) UPDATED

Well, if it's Tuesday morning, it must be time for another blood test. I really hope this is the last one. I'm sitting here with gauze taped to my right arm again and once again being forced to ponder my situation. I will likely be getting poked with a lot of needles in the near future, because it looks like we may be going to Very Distant Country after all. The tickets are expensive, but it looks like we can get mine for less than $2000 (and D's is even less). We're just waiting to hear back from travel agent before buying them. I will need a few shots to travel there, including a tetanus shot- which I haven't had since 1986- and I am dreading it. I will also get to take malaria pills- so if anyone has experience with those or recommendations, please share. 

We are going to Tucson in early June for a long weekend, because my mom had free Southwest tickets ($30 instead of $1200!) It will be insanely hot, but it's always nice to visit the place where H and I met, where D was born, where my brother still lives, and they have really good food, like Thai, Indian, Mexican, and pizza (why is there no pesto pizza around here??) It should be fun. My niece is three now and we haven't seen them in over a year.

Finals week is plugging along. I had office hours yesterday afternoon and had students in my office for two hours- uninterrupted! I also received a totally obnoxious email from a disgruntled student- I sent it to RYS, but will post it here if they don't. My TA is also confirming that s/he is a total slacker and pissing me off. S/he has missed several classes over the semester for various reasons and is now out of town until today. Our exam is tomorrow, and I need the other grades from him/her. How or why any graduate student has time to go out of town at the beginning of finals week is beyond me. WTF?

ETA: Ha- get this one. Travel plans are on hold for now, because we found out today that H will have his green card confiscated at his naturalization ceremony. He can apply for a US passport at that point, but since we don't know the time frame yet (until we get the letter for his appointment), we can't count on being able to get his passport in time for the trip. I hope that letter comes soon, so we know what to do! AND thanks for all the malaria drug advice, everyone!


Seeking Solace said...

I take a medication called Plaquenil for my RA. It's a drug used to prevent and treat malaria. Here's a link for more info


Liberal Arts Lady said...

re: Malaria meds, I've gotten Malaria in East Africa while using Lariam (mefloquine), which can also cause hallucinations/issues if you use it for a long period of time. I wouldn't recommend it. The more recent/functional medication I've heard of is malarone, but I have no personal experience with it.

And make sure you're aware of counter-indications (some of the Malaria treatments can't be used if you're taking certain prophylaxes) - have it written down, because once you're sick you won't be thinking clearly.

Also, hello from a lurker. :)

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Larium is AWFUL. I took it for four months in Indonesia and now there are chunks of my memory missing. I have heard good things about Malarone, but it can be expensive. I haven't taken it myself. Last time I went I took doxycycline, which is annoying because you have to take it every day. Also it made me sick to my stomach.

Yay for trip to Very Distant Country! I am looking forward to hearing about it.

Bardiac said...

In the time of dinosaurs, I took Aralen and Fansidar for malaria prophylaxis. I didn't get sick like folks have said, but I did have wild dreams (associated with Aralen, if I recall). Also, if they tell you not to drink alcohol with your meds, don't. I did semi-hallucinate one night after being stupid enough to try it out.

I hope you have a wonderful trip.

MommyProf said...

Do NOT take Lariam. I mean it. I took it for a trip overseas and had trouble sleeping for literally 6 months afterwards. Plus when I could sleep, the freaky nightmares were the pits. No Lariam.

I've heard Malarone is better, but I recommend doxycycline to everyone who asks me. Take it with food and/or right before bed and it's not too bad on the stomach, and it helps prevent traveler's tummy, too.

Did I mention no Lariam?

JustMe said...

sorry your travel has ti be put on hold, that sucks. i would say maybe talking to an immig lawyer if you want to be sure about the timing. but also, my friend had an expired passport and needed to leave asap, went to the passport office in big city and they told her if she had an itinerary, they could give it to her same day. perhaps you can talk with your local big office?

EcoGeoFemme said...

What? You have access to some of the best pizza ever!

So stink that your travel plans might be messed up because of immigration stuff. I'm dreading this as ecogeoman nears the end of grad school and the visa ends.