Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring 2008 is history

  • I just submitted my appalling grades for upper-level class (they were truly a bunch of slackers), but it's all very anti-climactic. H is still in grading jail and I have a manuscript review that is due on Tuesday. I haven't even read the paper yet, so I'm thinking of asking for more time (it's the automated system that gives you three weeks). I'm feeling tired right now, so don't feel like pulling the thing out to read it now. I still have tomorrow, I guess. 
  • Today marks one month since the miscarriage and I am still counting my ended pregnancy (I would have been 15 weeks now). I wonder when I will stop doing this. Maybe once they are done with my weekly visit to the phlebotomist. 
  • I went to the divisional graduation ceremony and our departmental thing last night. I didn't see too many students I know this time. It's always fun to see former students from my freshmen class walking across the stage, so it wasn't as exciting this year.
  • I'm really glad that this semester is finally over. I had a lot of good news this semester (getting tenure, getting pregnant), but the bad news really put a damper on things. I feel like I need a fresh start and plan to take this week to regroup and plan out the summer. It would be good if I can get some research done before D finishes school (in a little less than 4 weeks!)


luckybuzz said...

Hooray for the end of the semester! And for (good) fresh starts.

MommyProf said...

I hope you have a restorative summer!