Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Procrastination at its worst...

The grading I have to do before next Tuesday at noon:
  • late labs from one student in upper level class (ULC)
  • midterm corrections for ULC (I let them correct their mistakes for half credit and still haven't gone through all of them)
  • final papers for ULC (got these last Friday- I read drafts, so I usually skim the final ones)
  • take-home final exams for ULC (these are due tomorrow afternoon)
  • last lab for ULC (these were due last Friday and lose 10% per week day late, but I am not accepting them after tomorrow)
  • figure out points and any adjustments to grades for freshmen class (TA is doing all the exam grading and calculations)

What I'm doing instead:
  • watching political news on MSNBC
  • playing Scrabulous
  • reading blogs
  • pretending that I don't have the grading above 
  • sulking around the house, eating unhealthy food (and not really even enjoying it)
I wonder how likely it is that I can get everything done before the weekend. Of course, H will be in grading jail until Tuesday at 11:59AM, knowing him...


Anonymous said...

pretending you don't have grading sounds good to me! good luck with all that work...

Arbitrista said...

Oh dear. You don't want to be wasting your time on network news. I think one actually walks away knowing less.