Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finals Week Procrastination

Final exams start tomorrow for us, so I should really be finishing up that grading that I've been sitting on for weeks. However, it's Sunday at 4:00 pm and I have not even touched it. Tomorrow afternoon, I am holding office hours for my freshman class (their exam in Wed morning), so I want to finalize it and have it ready to print tomorrow when I go in. I'm not working on that either, by the way. My grading really isn't too awful, since all of the freshman class grading goes to my TA. I only have to calculate grades for the freshmen once everything is in and grade the upper level class work- they submitted papers and the last lab on Friday and the take-home final is due Thursday. I have a feeling that next weekend is going to be the bad time for me, because I can envision procrastinating the week away: 

Tonight: Brownie meeting with D
Monday: office hours (it's only 1.5 hours, but I'm sure I can kill more time)
Tuesday: I am going to Major City with H for his naturalization test (!)
Wednesday: freshmen exam in the morning
Thursday: more papers coming in  that afternoon & party that evening
Friday: oh- nothing scheduled!
Saturday: graduation

OK- there are plenty of open times in there for grading, but with my current lazy attitude, I can see things getting put off. I don't remember the last time I was so incredibly lazy!! I think H is feeling the same way, because I haven't seen him grading, either!! 

So what about you? Is your semester over yet? Are you grading or putting it off?


Dr. Bad Ass said...

Since I'm also recently tenured and in exactly the same schedule as you re: grading, final exams, etc. I have a few more papers to grade and then just my grades to input into the computer system and then I'm done. So I should be finishing that stuff up, but instead I'm just spending time with my spouse and hanging out. Also doing some baking.

ScienceGirl said...

Good luck to H with the naturalization test - I remember being super nervous for mine (it seemed more important then any final I've ever had!), but it was actually pretty easy.

My semester is over, and I am having trouble getting back to all that work I've been having to put off till now.

Seeking Solace said...

Finals week begins for me too this week. Since I don't a final exam in any of my classes, it will be a grading bonanza. I am going to my office tomorrow for any students who have until noon tomorrow to submit work.

And I am procrastinating all the way.

Best of luck to H!

Addy N. said...

Dr. Bad Ass: I just checked out your blog and LOVE the story behind your name! Congrats on tenure to you and good luck finishing everything this week!

ScienceGirl: I've been quizzing him- he cannot seem to get "Francis Scott Key"! Do know how many you can miss? Is it written or do they ask you the questions? The English part will be no problem (obviously)- he speaks better English than I do since his home country is a former British colony!

Seeking Solace: Good luck with the grading jail! I hope you didn't make things too hard on yourself this week!

ScienceGirl said...

I don't really think I was even given an English test - the lady quickly figured out that I could carry on a conversation, and just had me read a sentence out loud to her. She asked me 3 history questions, which I knew, so I don't know how many he can miss. The questions were all from the 100-question list (which I hope you are aware of). All-in-all, I was done in 15 minutes, and realized that I worked myself up way too much for this.

Addy N. said...

ScienceGirl: That's great! The form said that it would take two hours, but maybe once they can tell that you know what you are talking about, they just end it quicker! That's good to know- and yes, we have the "Civics Lessons" book for him to study!

Twice said...

We have three weeks left to go still! But, I too have been procrastinating on grading. Should have done it today - oh well.

Good luck to H and congrats! I think it is ironic that an academic is worried about a test. ;-)

CAE said...

Will hopefully be doing my own (Canadian) Citizenship test some time in the next 12-18 months. My friend's husband reliably informs me that a trained chimp could pass!