Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring is always too busy! (with regular updates!)

I leave for a conference in 8 days (8 days!) and when I return, leave for another one four days later. In the mean time I have a million things that need to get done. Here is a list so that I can come back and check things off and feel accountable:
  • read Master's paper #1 for Monday defense OK- it's already done, but I did do it this morning!
  • read Master's paper #2 for Tuesday defense done!
  • plan for next week's upper level class, including updating lab part of this was really just some decision-making so far, but I did decide!
  • plan for next several freshman class meetings, including my absence for conference #1
  • prepare talk for conference #1 I can't cross it off, because it isn't done, but I only have the results to finish. Not too bad, considering I have an entire week until I leave! Now to the other items...
  • finish analysis for conference #2
  • prepare talk for conference #2
  • finish tedious data processing task
  • prepare data, maps, and poster template for freshman advisee meeting on Tuesday
  • grade labs for upper level class  done!
  • grade exam revisions for upper level class
  • re-check exams for freshman class done!
  • submit taxes done!
OK- it's bad, but I have a few days, right? Yikes. I better get busy. I also promised D that I would help her repot some seedlings that she sprouted from seeds and I'm sure the laundry has piled up, too... At least it's sunny outside (maybe that makes it worse).

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Anonymous said...

Yikes--I need a nap after reading this list! Hope it all gets done quickly and painlessly! :)