Sunday, March 09, 2008

One week to go!

Unlike some of you, I still have another week until Spring Break. And I am so looking forward to it, because I have a boat-load of work to catch up on. I'm actually a little afraid that I won't accomplish what I need to- even though it's still a week away. We have our last candidate in this week for the search I am chairing, so one of my work-at-home days is gone. However, my classes are pretty light this week (no labs), so that should provide a little extra time. My biggest concern about getting things done next week (and this week) is that I am so damn tired all the time.* I swear- I do not remember being so tired when I was pregnant with D. By this time, I had barely even found out about her yet and now I am sleeping a full 8 hours at night AND needing afternoon naps! I keep wondering if it's my "advanced" age- I was only 28 for most of my first pregnancy. I think I will have to try to work mornings next week. I think afternoons are going to really tough, as I keep nodding off on my computer.

Here's what needs to get done:
  • research for conference #1
  • research for conference #2 (which an undergraduate also needs for a presentation that same week)
  • catch up on image processing tasks that I can't have my RAs do
  • catch up on grading
  • catch up on class prep- especially for days I am missing for conference #1 and conference #2
I guess the list doesn't look too awful- especially with the week away from class, but I'm still worried about it. It will be way too easy to just rest next week (which I feel like doing), but the conferences are sneaking up fast! Anyway- I have to be positive and think I can do it.  I'll keep you posted!

*see- here is that complaining that I promised!


JustMe said...

hey, you totally have the right to complain! and good luck with all your work...

Seeking Solace said...

This is my last week before break. I am so ready!

Hope you have a productive week.