Friday, February 29, 2008

RBO: I got nothin'

  • I'm just worn out. It was a busy week, but there is a currently unbloggable issue affecting everything else- I promise I'll explain soon. In the mean time, I'm just too tired to write a good post- even for Scientiae, which I have missed the last few months. 
  • I don't have anything else too exciting to report, other than I am really sick of snow and hope that we are done with it for the season (of course, the forecast for Monday night includes a chance of snow). 
  • I am excited to vote next week, too- I thought our primary would be meaningless by now, so it makes it more exciting that things are still undecided.
  • We have our second of three candidates in next week for the search I am chairing. The one last week was very exhausting for me, so I'm really glad we have them spread out over three weeks.
  • I can't believe spring break is coming up! I have so much research work to catch up on that I should work all day every day that week on it. I hope that actually happens.
  • Anyway- I'm just not feeling inspired to comment on any of the great things out in the blogosphere or bring up something thoughtful today, so this will have to do- I'm still here!


Seeking Solace said...

Glad to hear from you!!!! Let's hope the snow goes away soon!

Twice said...

I hope the unbloggable (love that phrase) is good news.

I too have been swamped with searches - I can believe how much time these are taking....

JustMe said...

sheesh, you sound very busy and have reason to be tired. good luck with all the work, unbloggables, and the search.