Sunday, December 23, 2007

Borders Blogging

Oh, how I miss the Internets! We arrived at my grandma's house on Friday morning and have been having a lovely time so far. Eating too much, not sleeping enough, but it's great to see everyone. My mom and her husband drove down yesterday and today, H and I are "on our own" because D and my mom went to see "Wicked" and my grandma was taken to Tea. It's been 11 years since I spent Christmas with my extended family (anyone outside of D & H), so it's great to be here. It's also great to be in warm, sunny weather. It's the 70s here today! And sunny! And gorgeous! 

Of course, there are also some annoyances that have cropped up since we left home. We spent Thursday night in an airport hotel in neighboring state, due to the early flight time. It was fine, except that the room stayed 75 degrees all night- even after we turned the heat off! And D was up coughing, so I was also up. And we ate some questionable Thai food that night, too. Our flight was on-time and not too bumpy or anything, so that was wonderful. Why does LAX have no restrooms? I mean, WTF? It's a huge airport and I only saw ONE ladies room between our gate and the baggage claim. I had to walk a LONG distance to the restroom nearest the baggage claim, then wait 15 minutes because there were only THREE STALLS! I don't know what they are thinking that place.

When we picked up our rental car, we went to the midsize section of the lot and they had a Toyota Prius! We were very excited to rent a hybrid, since we drive one at home. However, our car at home is a Honda Civic and we had to ask how to start the Prius- it's very unconventional that way. It's been fun to drive so far, although it BEEPS when in reverse- very irritating.

Last night there was car parked at my grandma's neighbor's house that had it's alarm (or something) go off every hour from 4:00AM on. It does this beep-beep-beeeep-beeep for about a minute, then shuts off, but it's EVERY HOUR! I woke up at 4:00, then 5:00 (and got up). Has anyone heard of this? Why would it go off at a regular interval like that? 

So, today we went looking for places to eat and our first stop had to be a T-Mobile HotSpot, since we don't know any ethnic food in our area. On the way there, we were this||close to being in a wreck. Some gimongous SUV cut us off in the right lane to make a turn and I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could. I think they still just grazed the car, because there is a mark on the front bumper that I hadn't noticed before. I was so shaken by the whole thing that I felt nauseous at first. I still can't believe that we didn't actually crash into them. So, we went to lunch at a chain restaurant, because we couldn't find any Indian* or Thai in the vicinity. Now, we're relaxing at Borders and I'm taking advantage of the month-long T-Mobile subscription I bought. It's sooo terrible not having internet access at my grandma's house. I can't even look up restaurants or anything!

Anyway- I hope you are all having a nice break and have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it). 

*There were lots of South Indian places, which I love, but my stubborn, stubborn husband only wants Indian if he can eat lamb or goat.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I love northern Indian food... I can't get it where I live, but I'm in Omaha often enough to get the BEST indian food, ever!! If y'all ever end up in Omaha or Lincoln, NE, let me know and I'll give you the details. It really is excellent -- your sweetie would love it.

Propter Doc said...

We love northern indian food too, Dr R doesn't eat seafood of any kind so lamb is his main thing.
Have a great holiday.

Seeking Solace said...

I never liked lamb and I just can't see eating a goat!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, indian food. i am current;y in a place with a fairly large indian population but the closest indian food that is *good* is an hour away! enjoy your time in LA, and maybe you'll at least find good Mexican food, if so inclined. Merry Christmas!

comebacknikki said...

Have a great Christmas! :)

Twice said...

Happy Holidays Addy!

Eddie said...

I'm glad you avoided the accident! Merry Christmas!

MommyProf said...

I detest LAX. With a passion.