Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Bullets of Crabbiness

  • I got a parking ticket last night at the Small Town parking garage. I went to dinner with a visiting speaker and parked in the garage which has meters. Meters on the street are free after 6:00, so I didn't even check the meter. Apparently, these are NOT free. Damn them!
  • I am having some sinus issue today. It may be a cold, but this is not how I usually start colds- sneezing and having watery eyes. It's been cold, so there's no pollen left.
  • Our internet is only working intermittently. I thought it was affecting everyone, but since I am able to connect through a neighbor, I guess not. 
  • We would usually go out to lunch and do some shopping this afternoon, but since I am feeling so yucky, I guess I'll just sit here- H took D to her swimming lesson this morning.
  • I am still having problems with my new Mac Book. I love it- and I am successfully running my XP programs with Parallels, but Mac Office had been a royal pain. I unsuccessfully installed it (and uninstalled it) several times before I finally got it working on Tuesday. Then I updated my OS on Thursday night and it won't work now. I have removed it and tried to reinstall, but even the installation programs "close unexpectedly". Our IT guy is going to look at it Monday, but arrgghhh!

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Anonymous said...

sorry things are sucking. hope you feel better soon!