Thursday, September 20, 2007

5th Week Check-In

I feel like things are going well so far this semester. My classes are engaging(!), I'm making progress on some of the new research work, and I am not going too crazy yet. The absence of the freshmen-behemoth is really making my schedule manageable. Between the lab sections, TA meetings, and logistics of dealing with almost 100 students, that class is a huge time sink. My classes this semester are both upper level and most of the students seem genuinely interested in the subjects. There are some things that I am neglecting, however. I feel that pit in my stomach every time someone mentions writing. I have completely abandoned that paper at this point. I still plan to finish it, but am not feeling motivated to dig it out and get back to where I was (I know- it's bad). I am enjoying my schedule, but next week things are looking a bit busier:

pink is personal, purple is work-related

I signed up for a grant-writing workshop that starts next week. It's in the area that I had the failed proposals over the last few years, and if I submit a proposal, I will get $1000! We'll meet about 8 times over the semester, but it means I have to go to campus an extra day those weeks (I'm so spoiled, working at home, I know!) I have some mixed feelings about this right now, since I just got The Grant, but I don't think this will overextend me if I do actually get funded. There is a program with an early November deadline that I want to apply for. I could do the workshop and apply this year, but I would like have that Grand!

I also volunteered to help with D's class once a week. I'm not entirely clear what I'll be doing, but it's for their Accelerated Reader program. I'd never heard of this until D came home with a very cryptic sheet talking about ZPD scores last week. They read books and take computer-based quizzes, so I'm guessing I'll be helping with that.

A doctor's appointment this morning threw off my schedule and I not in work-mode now, either. I think I will try to get a few research things done, though, in the couple of hours I have before D gets home. Or I could go watch The Office or waste MORE time on Facebook.... No. Must. Work.


comebacknikki said...

I vote for Facebook! :P

Anonymous said...

hmm, the office. well the premiere *is* next week so that would actually be helpful, no?

Eddie said...

Wait, you have facebook? Find me through comebacknikki if you like! :D