Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weather break

As much as I'm THRILLED that it's cooler today, the cloudy weather looks really dreary from my home office window and it's making me want to go take a nap! Last Thursday I "worked" at home and accomplished next to nothing. I'm trying not to repeat that today. It's a long weekend coming up- after a lab tomorrow, I don't teach until next Wednesday and my birthday is on Monday. I should get some research stuff done today, so that I can feel good about relaxing over the weekend. I'm made a schedule and so far, I've spent the first 26 minutes of this hour (which I designated as time to do a specific task) reading and writing emails, moving my monitor back further on my desk (so as not to waste space), then dusting my desk. Now I'm blogging. OK- that's it. I'm going to get out the papers I need, open the Word file and DO SOMETHING. Right now. Ok, right now, then. Really. Right now.

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JustMe said...

ooh, a birthday coming, i think that deserves a break!!