Friday, August 10, 2007

Good news, bad news, & other updates

The good news is that I don't have any suspicious-looking moles (no skin cancer!). The bad news is that my mother's theory that I have rosacea is true. I basically have permanently rosy cheeks. I actually wouldn't care if some people would mind their own business and not point out that I have rosy cheeks. It's incurable, so I am going to try meds to see if it helps control it. All the online literature talks about triggers for rosacea "flare-ups". The list is comical:

...exercise, sun and wind exposure, hot weather, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot baths. Swings in temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot can also cause a flare of rosacea. (from WebMD)

As if it's possible to avoid the things on that list- especially in a Midwest climate. Stress? Yeah right. And avoiding spicy foods? I think I'd rather have a red face! So I'm a bit annoyed that this was confirmed after I've had these extra-rosy cheeks for the past couple of years. I think it started around the time I started getting migraines, too. I was only 34 then- I shudder to imagine what annoying health problems I'll have as I get older! Oh well.

Otherwise, I am still in complete denial that classes start in 10 days. I finally got my office computer set up and pretty much all software installed with only minor assistance from our IT help. (We use Novell for network drives, but it doesn't run on Vista, so I had to directly map them).

The Monster. If you don't think it looks big, just keep
in mind that it's dwarfing the 24-inch monitor!

My dossier just needs another read-through, but it's pretty much ready. I need to do a few more things to get ready for my new RA this semester, but I think things should be good. It's only the classes that I am pretending to be non-existent. I will have to get those organized soon, though. It's tough, because D goes back to school 8 days later than we do. If she were in school now, I would go into the office and just get some things done. Now, H and I have to coordinate these things. I am also not feeling motivated today. Maybe it's because I know the crunch is coming and that I better enjoy things while I can...

I am very excited to have TWO new female colleagues arriving this year! I liked them both when they interviewed and they still seem nice now that they are here. I hope they help stir things up in our faculty meetings. I feel like my ideas are always ignored or brushed aside, but now that there will be more of us (7 untenured faculty out of 14), there's a better opportunity for actual change.

OK- I'm going to go read my dossier again now. Then, maybe I'll do some more data prep and file organization for the internal research project, and/or check last year's class reading packet to see if I want to make changes.


Eddie said...

I'm jealous of your new colleagues! I'm one of two women in my dept., and the only non-tenured person in the entire dept. Blech.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

That computer is ginormous.

Twice said...

Hey, in yet another coincidence, I have rosacea too. I've been using some prescription cream. It really helps. I only use it sometimes, and originally did so reluctantly, but I have to say my skin seems happier and feels and looks better.

The computer looks great! My new computer looks like a dwarf version of yours. They seem especially dense, don't they?

JustMe said...

wow, i can just imagine in the possibilities on that monitor...

Addy N. said...

Eddie: Wow- at least I've had a cohort of sorts (other non-tenured people with me). We have more women now that ever before in the history this department!

Dr. BH: I used that exact word to describe it to a colleague on Friday!

Twice: Did you take a pill, too? I quit those after two days because I think it was already messing with my body chemistry (TMI). I also read the insert, which said that the oral meds don't help redness. I'm going to use the cream only and see if it helps- I had gone to the Dermatologist for a mole check, so this isn't a big priority for me.

JustMe: Actually, I am missing my second monitor! Two was over budget, so I have to "make due' with one for now! However, since it's bigger than my old ones, I think I can cope- I also like have more space on my desk. If I get the second one, I'll be crowded again.