Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rockin' in the free blogosphere

Seeking Solace nominated me as a:

Here's what she said about me:
Addy N. and I have more in common than many bloggers know. We appreciate the same things, especially a love of the 70's and 80's.

Thanks, SS- I feel the same way about you! So cool.

Now, I have the tough job of picking five more! Here they are:

Elli: I really enjoy reading Elli's blog about her experiences as a graduate student. I think she is much more together than I was when I was in grad school! I think blogging is a great outlet for all of us working our way through research and writing. Keep up the great work, Elli!

: Eddie writes on a great mix of topics (work, personal, day-to-day interactions with people) and she is funny. She and I are pretty close in terms of career timing (pre-tenure), so it's fun to hear about her experiences at work. She also has plenty of posts about shopping and other fun things.

Twice: I just discovered her blog recently, but it really resonates for me. As an academic mom, she has a special place in my heart, since we have some struggles in common (of course, I don't have twins!) Twice writes about teaching, research, & family- and BALANCE.

ScienceWoman: A new mom who interviewed for jobs with a newborn. She rocks! Her honesty and clarity are really amazing. We women in science have to stick together and support each other and she understands that. I love that she has a superpower, too!

Jane: Another awesome new academic mom! It was fun reading her blog before the baby and now it's great hearing about the trials and tribulations of those early days of motherhood. Cheers to her for keeping things on track with work, while taking care of her new family member.

Bonus Blogger...
Pigs: Another new mom to add to my list! Pigs is a teacher and she is hilarious! Her blog is always entertaining- whether it's about Piglet or dealing with people (like flaky moms).

Thanks to all the women bloggers out there. I think pretty much all of the blogs I read are written by women and most are also academics. It's really wonderful having this virtual support structure- especially when I don't have much support from my own colleagues! Keep up the great blogging, ladies!


Pigs said...

Hey, thanks! Eddie pointed me here! :o)

Eddie said...

Thanks for the award! I like reading your stuff for the very same reasons.

Addy N. said...

Hey Eddie & Pigs: I'm always jealous of people who have real-life friends who ALSO blog- none of my friends blog- I mean except for the people I've met through blogging. I was shocked to hear how young you guys are though! Eddie- you must have been 28 when you finished your PhD?!?! Impressive!

Eddie said...

Yup, I was 28! I just went straight through school with no breaks. I think we actually got each other to start blogging; I knew Pigs really liked to write so I suggested she try the blog thing.