Friday, July 20, 2007


Is anyone else disturbed that they made another version of Hairspray? How can you possibly do better than John Waters?? (& Ricki Lake with Divine and Jerry Stiller? And Deborah Harry????) WTF???

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S said...

I've heard that Waters doesn't support it... but I am very curious to what they've done to it in the same way as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (big disappointment IMHO).
These two movies weren’t even made that long ago and the originals were still very popular among all ages. I the success of High School Musical was so huge that “they” saw their chance to jump on that crowd and jumped.
It’s rumored ( that they’re remaking Bunny Lake is Missing, a black and white film which I very much enjoy in its original format) and I fear they’re going to rip it to shreds!!