Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Research Question...

To all you big grant-getters out there, I have a question. If you have one month summer salary for a project, how much of your actual time do you think should be devoted to said project? I realize in many cases, the time is just an estimate and you work on it as much as required, but if you were collaborating in a consulting sort of context (but NOT budgeted in an hourly way), would you consider it worth four weeks of full time work (160 hours?) or half time? or would you figure it another way? Please post your interpretations and experiences in the comments.


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JustMe said...

hmm, i have no big grant expereince. i would say to work on it as much as possible -- ie make that your primary project, but still work on other things as needed, but maybe your focus should be on that? sorry i can't really help!