Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A new car!*

After two years of not having any car payments (because both of our cars were paid off), we bought a new car yesterday:
We knew that our next car would be a hybrid, but didn't know which one. We went with Honda because we like the way the car looks and it's a reliable company. We never got to even try out a Prius, because nobody had them in stock! We traded in our older car, which is the first car I bought all by myself- it was the first semester of my PhD and my old car had been costing me a lot of money. When it required a new transmission, I decided to look into buying one. I had that car before I met H, then it became his car when we bought our second one. It was sad to leave it behind, but it's always exciting to have a new car! We got the one with the navigation system, which looks very fun. I am especially excited about owning a hybrid. I can't wait to see how the gas mileage is. I will need to lighten up my lead foot, however.

So I did nothing else yesterday- I exercised and vacuumed out the trade-in in the morning, then we spent the afternoon at the dealership. I stayed up too late last night, so I am only now waking up (7:15) and D will be up soon. Between the grant and the new car, I've managed to avoid actually writing anything for the paper. And since it's MM's last week here, we are doing extra shopping and sight-seeing, too. I guess I can tell myself that I will get serious next week, but I really need to get a draft of that paper finished AND make some progress on the the other project.

*You must say this in the style of the announcer on The Price is Right.


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Very nice!!

Chaser said...

Those are *nice cars*. Enjoy.

comebacknikki said...

Yay! Very nice!