Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm feeling the love

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations on my totally gratuitous post below. I am feeling so pleased about the grant being funded that I want to stand on the roof and yell about it. All the nay-sayers who thought it was a waste to spend time working on proposals can just shut up, now. Of course, I'm sure that someone will think that I am just riding my colleague's coattails (which I am not, but you know how some people will criticize anything). I also wish that I could tell those Mountain U people that I would have brought three years worth of RA funding with me- damn them! We have to cut our budget (of course) and I'm reluctant to give up any summer salary (it's very little to begin with), because I need the money! Hopefully, we can trim elsewhere.

Another awesome thing about this grant is the way H is so proud of me, too. I really need to appreciate him more sometimes- he is never jealous or threatened when I succeed- he's just proud and excited for me. I'm sure there are plenty of spouses out there who would not be that way- he's just the best.

OK, I"m off to continue my laziness. I need to work on the paper tomorrow and figure out how to trim this budget! Thanks again, everyone.


Anonymous said...

yay again on the grant! good luck with the budget trimming.

Seeking Solace said...

H knows what we all do...YOU ROCK!

Chaser said...