Thursday, May 17, 2007

A sign that I should move?

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I am getting tired of living in Small College Town- It shouldn't take an hour to get to a decent Indian or Thai restaurant!

I have some blog posts floating around in my head, but this week has been fairly productive so far on the research front and I am reluctant to take the time to write a substantive post. Mountain U never called, so it's safe to assume that someone else got the offer. I am disappointed, but also pissed- they interviewed several of us for multiple positions* and I can't believe that I was actually near the bottom of the list. And I am NOT one to "toot my own horn" either. I did get wind that there was an internal candidate who has a spouse elsewhere on campus. Makes me suspicious... I am settled in here for the summer, anyway. I plan to do some more extensive job-searching in the fall- even though my tenure review process has already begun (external reviewers are already requesting copies of my pubs!) With all of this in mind, I am determined to make myself as marketable as possible by getting some papers submitted before the fall semester starts.

In other news- my mother-in-law is coming from Distant Country next week! It's been far too long since she was here, but because of visa delays we couldn't get her here last summer. Yay!

OK- back to work... more later.

*I am being intentionally vague about these numbers. E-mail if you want more details.


Seeking Solace said...

Good grief, I couldn't imagine not having a decent Indian or Thai resturant. In my neck of the woods, they are everywhere!

That sucks about Mountain U!!! How could they jerk you around like that????

Anonymous said...

sorry about mountain u. they clearly have issues (whoever they are) though i am slightly curious ;o)

you will get a great urban job soon! clearly the definition is a sign.

Addy N. said...

Thanks for the comments! I am also curious about what happened with the search, but also realize that I may never know! And yeah- it sucks not having good food nearby!

USJogger said...

Once upon a time, I interviewed for one of three open positions in my field at my alma mater, and was not hired. I argued that they wanted someone with a more prestigious undergraduate degree.

Anyway, sorry that it's not going well, now. Keep the faith, and something good will happen.


P.S. There are no decent restaurants around here, either. I should have known when I got here and found Spaghetti-Oh's in the "Ethnic Foods" aisle at the supermarket.