Friday, April 27, 2007

No more teaching!

Until August, anyway. I'm sooo glad the semester is over, even though I have a pile of grading and I'm not sure the best way to manage it with my upcoming interview trip. The timing of the interview is also strange. Did I teach my last class at Small Town U today? Or will I be back in the fall? I never imagined that I would still be uncertain this late in the semester. If I were to leave, it would also give my department a short time to find someone to teach my classes in the fall, too. I am excited about Mountain U, though. It is a part of the country that I would LOVE to live in and it's much closer to my family. I'll be interested to see how the department is. Their web page is terrible- it's outdated and doesn't contain much information. They also sent me a schedule with first names only! I did some Google-stalking to figure out who most of the people are, though. I can't believe that my final exams are after the interview, either.

Back to my end-of-semester rant. I admit it. I hate hate hate my freshman class this semester. There are a lot of nice students in there, but the rude assholes just spoiled it for me. People would talk during class. A lot of students started bringing computers and I doubt they were all taking notes. What am I supposed to do about that? I don't want to forbid people from bringing their laptops, but I know they were probably doing other things. Any suggestions? I wish they would just skip class if they aren't there to listen. Some guy today was texting someone and was holding his phone up where I could see it. I called him on it and embarrassed him in front of the class. Is this era of anywhere communication so distracting that students can't sit through a 50-minute class? Anyway- I'm ecstatic to be done with them. If I'm here in the fall, I don't have to teach that class, so I don't have to deal with those pesky freshmen for a while. Adios, rude 19-year-olds! I won't miss you! I hope your final grade reflects your lack of interest in my class. You suck. oooooh- that felt GOOD.

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Seeking Solace said...

Yay for being done!!! Enjoy the time off!!!