Monday, April 02, 2007

Desktop meme!

Sure, I'll play! I have nothing else to do (like grading)! Here is the desktop from my work computer. It's a photo I took from my good friend's front porch in San Diego (Ocean Beach). Nice view, huh? If I get a chance, I'll post my home PC desktop later, too. As seen at Styley Geek's.

ETA: Here is my home desktop! This one is also a photo from San Diego (same trip as above): Torrey Pines State Reserve. Oh- And to respond to StyleyGeek's comment- I hardly ever see my desktops(s) because I have so many programs open & covering both monitors (I have dual monitors at home & work).


Seeking Solace said...

Very pretty!!!!

luckybuzz said...

What a gorgeous picture!

StyleyGeek said...

That is pretty, but I don't think I could work in front of it. The picture would relax me too much and I'd fall asleep!