Thursday, March 22, 2007

I need a list!

It's another work-at-home day. I've exercised, finished lunch*, am now deciding where to begin. I think I will shower first, then tackle these items:
  1. work on research for conference
  2. make key to grade labs
  3. grade labs
  4. read next chapter for class & make study guide
I also need to finish our taxes, but need to get info on unreimbursed professional expenses from work.

Nothing else exciting to report. D went back to school today, so I have not excuse to be lazy. Plus- time is ticking away for those conferences...

*I cooked a tasty stir fry of bok choy & tofu, with garlic, tahini, sesame oil, sesame seeds, & tamari. I need to write it down so I can make it again- yum!

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