Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where Addy complains about the weather (some more)...

OK nobody can control the weather (other than changing the climate through human activities), but it seems INSANE to me that the public schools here in Small College Town are closed for the third day in a row. They are now going beyond the allowed snow days for the year, meaning the schools will have make-up days in June. It stopped snowing/icing late Tuesday night, but this school district is geographically large and includes a lot of rural back roads. Now, I can understand that this makes it difficult for the buses to get in to pick up kids, but is it really reasonable to make the entire district shut down? Aren't the Township Trustees (the people responsible for clearing roads outside of city limits) doing their jobs? I can't believe that it's impossible for them to clear these roads. This is the Midwest. It SNOWS at least a little bit every winter- you would think that provisions would be in place to deal with it. I'm not sure if it's the road conditions closing the schools today, or that fact that it's 0°F out there. We're actually having freezing fog, so the trees look beautiful (I'll try to post a photo later).

So, why would I want to leave this place? Trade snow for traffic, frigid cold for smog? Because it's warmer there and my extended family is nearby. Oh yeah- and the jobs look AWESOME, too!

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