Saturday, February 03, 2007

Some Art Saturday

In honor of the IPCC Report released yesterday, I wanted to post this photo for Some Art Saturday. Some of the early photos of the Earth as seen from space were catalysts of the modern environmental movement (spaceship earth). Everything we've ever known in our lives, in the lives of our ancestors, and our cultures is contained within that small blue spheroid surrounded by the blackness of space. Seeing the Earth from this perspective it's easy to realize how precious our natural resources really are and how we are in big trouble. Government leaders around the world (especially the current U.S. president) need to consider that we are just residents of this planet and that no amount of money is worth the consequences of human-induced climate change.

click on the image to view a larger version
and just think about it for a minute

Apollo 8 Astronaut, 1968
from NASA Multimedia

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