Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Somewhat random midweek non-bullets

The days are getting away from me and I really don't like neglecting my blog this way! My schedule is vastly improved over last semester, but there are enough extra things going on that I still feel a bit overwhelmed at times. Tonight, H and I are taking a break and watching TV. I have plenty that I could be doing, but I'll put it off for now!

My Google Reader list was so long that I basically skimmed most of the blogs and had to leave it at that. I subscribe to a couple weather blogs and they've been full of interesting weather all over the place. I know that 'global warming skeptics' like to use any cold spell as a sign that there is no human-induced climate change going on, but what they neglect to realize is that global warming will lead to generally unpredictable weather. Average global temperature will keep increasing, but specific weather events can still go the other direction- even heavy snow may be more common in some places with warmer temperatures.

I cannot do the random call-on-students thing. I picked out one guy in the back today to answer a SIMPLE question that anyone would know and someone else jumped in with an answer. I'm just not going to be able to do it. The whole thing was too awkward and I just don't feel comfortable singling people out. Oh well. So sue me.

I need to get back to getting up at a ridiculous hour. I don't get much done in the evening, so I'd be better off sleeping early and just doing the work in the morning like I used to.

OK- that's all for now... I just wanted to check in. I hope you are all doing well out there in the blogosphere.

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