Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday's To-do List

Hooray- the semester is over! But- I still have lots to do in the next week. Here's what I need to do today:
  1. finalize exam for tomorrow
  2. read MA thesis for a defense tomorrow
  3. grade more 100-level term papers (15-30 would be good) I've graded 3!
  4. start grading final term papers for upper-level course (21)
  5. laundry I have 1 load left for today
  6. walk on treadmill
OK- I'm cheating because I put two things that I already did this morning, but hey- at least they're done! I also decorated the Xmas tree with D this morning! Just trying to hold myself accountable to get some work done!

eta: I am not doing well on my list so far, but I also napped on the couch and watched a couple episodes of Naked Science (in HD).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yay on the christmas decorations!
and as someone who adds things to my lists after i have done them just to cross them out, i totally back you doing it.