Monday, November 20, 2006

Winding down...

Well, the end of the semester is almost here (hooray!!) and I am back from my blogging absence. This semester has been stressful and hectic, but I can't exactly tell you why. Oh yeah- I know one reason: I've been teaching EVERY DAY! For my U and especially my department, that is pretty unusual, but since I only teach one class that doesn't have a lab, scheduling three classes in one semester can be a logistical nightmare. Next semester, I am on my two-class load, so that will be a relief. Here are the things I have to complete in the next few weeks (in no particular order):
  • grade 90 term papers (yes, I am insane)
  • grade 21 final drafts
  • grade two sets of labs
  • write one take-home final exam
  • revise two in-class finals
  • organize a journal assignment for one class
  • watch 20 student presentations and grade them
  • various other things
  • oh yeah- remind myself where my research is!
I know, I know- "90 term papers?" The scary thing is, I don't have to assign a paper in that class- I just do it. This is the 8th round since I've been here, and I've decided enough is enough. Next semester I am changing to a partner assignment (half the grading!), having them write a "fact sheet" instead of a full-length paper, and requiring a 5-minute presentation for each pair (there are the last 5 class meetings!) Next semester I am also going to three conferences and revising some proposals, so I will have lots of things to juggle. Those two non-teaching days will be plenty busy, I'm sure!

Hmm... I think I will sleep early tonight and get some organizing of my brain done in the morning. Cheers, everyone! It's good to feel bloggy again!



Dr. Lisa said...

Oh_my_gawd. Good luck and eat your vitamins.

Seeking Solace said...

Glad you are back. Get some rest, take vitamins and try to work out. You will feel much better!