Sunday, August 27, 2006


So, we saw this last night. My mom bought us tickets as an anniversary gift last month. (thanks, Mom!) It was pretty amazing stuff, but I think I would have enjoyed it A LOT more if it hadn't been about 85°F in that tent! It was bit cooler than outside (they did have A/C), but with all the people, it was pretty miserable in there. I think D enjoyed it the most of the three of us. She was mesmerized the whole time. For a 6-year-old to sit in a hot tent for 2.5 hours and not get bored is pretty impressive- she's really good that way, though! We went out for Thai food afterwards and it didn't rain on us between the car and the tent, so it was a good evening!


Dr. Lisa said...

Gosh--I have "lovely evening" envy. That sounds like a lovely evening and I envy it!!!

Addy N. said...

Hi Chaser: Well, it didn't seem so lovely at the time (because it was so oppressively hot!), but yes- it was much more exciting than our usual family outings (to Trader Joe's & Costco!)